Industrial Rigging Rentals LLC

(407) 383-9139

policy and procedures


· All Rentals are 1 week minimum

· Monthly rates are 28 Days

· Daily Rates are 1/7th of the weekly rate

· Any damaged IRR rental equipment will be evaluated

          o Customer will be notified of the damages and cost to repair or replace

          o If no response is received within 7 days an Invoice will be issued for the repairs or replacement value

· Any missing and lost IRR equipment will be billed the replacement cost, rental fees will accrue and be billed until replacement is received

· Delivery rates will be determined based on the delivery site distance from the local location where material is being sourced from

· Rental will start the day of pick up by customer, or the day of Delivery by IRR

· Rental will stop once material is returned to IRR, or once IRR is notified to collect the rented equipment and an off-rental confirmation is received from IRR

· Sales Tax will be charged at a rate of 6.25% from Montgomery County, Tx

          o If you feel your order is tax exempt, proof of tax exemption is required, and will need to be sent to avoid being charged tax